Establish Your Brand in the Roblox Universe

Bloxbiz is the dynamic in-game ad platform that puts your brand in front of millions playing Roblox games.

Engage a hard-to-reach audience across popular Roblox games.

Gen Z Audience

The Bloxbiz audience is more than 15 million players aged 9-24 that span across popular Roblox games.

3D Impressions

Impressions are 10 seconds of view time, measured only when your ads are viewable in a 3D space.

Immersive Advertising

Designed to be part of the experience, our ads allow for natural discovery without interrupting gameplay.

Familiar formats; totally new environments and insights.

Custom Targeting

Pick your target audience by choosing segments of games, geographies, device, and more.

Insightful Reporting

Measure your performance with metrics unique to in-game advertising.

Brand Safe

All our games are hand selected and vetted on performance metrics, genre, and team characteristics.

Expand Your Brand Presence into the Metaverse